Benefits of using a humidifier

1. In the hot summer months, the air contains more allergens than the winter, which causes some people to experience respiratory symptoms. Air conditioners and fans remove moisture from the air, which is then circulated. During the colder months, the use of central heating also removes moisture from the air. Having moisture removed results in a negative effect on the lungs and making the nose, lips, hair and skin fragile. A humidifier offers the benefit of replacing some of the moisture which has previously been removed.

2. Studies have proven that using a humidifier reduces the chance of catching Influenza, also know as the Flu. Researchers found that humidity levels above 40 percent helped combat virus particles, making them less likely to be infectious.

3. When air does not contain enough moisture, lubrication in the airways is likely to reduce, this is a common cause of snoring. The use of a humidifier will increase the moisture present in the air, resulting in less snoring.

4. House plants thrive from moisture, allowing them to become more vibrant. Wood floors and furniture also have been proven to benefit from humidity leading a longer lifespan.