How are shipping costs calculated?

Shipping costs are calculated based on shipping method (air, sea or land) and product weight / volume. Different shipping companies have different rates, so it’s best to check and compare which is most affordable and economical. For more details on how shipping costs are calculated, please contact us directly.

How many drops of essential oil should I add to my humidifier?

When trying a new oil, it is recommended to use 5-7 drops of oil per 300ml of water. From then on, you can choose to use more or less as it is all up to personal preference, every oil is different (some are stronger and require less drops than others).

How do I clean my humidifier?

Cleaning your humidifier is quick and easy, we have a humidifier care page to supply you will all the information required to effectively clean and care for your humidifier.

Can I use the humidifier without the oils?

Yes, you can just add water, the essential oils are for added scent and aromatherapy.

What is the temperature of the mist produced by the humidifiers?

The mist produced is cold, our humidifiers produce mist through high frequency vibrations so there is no heating applied during the process.

Can I use my humidifier and essential oils around dogs?

Similar to cleaning your humidifier, we have a essential oils around dogs page in order to go into more detail on this subject.

Can I use essential oils around my baby?

If using the essential oils in a humidifier, they are safe to use around babies & all the benefits still apply. Do not apply essential oils to your baby's skin as the strength of the oil can cause irritation or a reaction.

Any other questions? If the answer is yes, then please feel free to contact a member of our team at yourserenityltd@gmail.com